Cron Timezone Shifter

If you need to run something on a cron schedule but as a different timezone, it can be difficult to figure out how to write a schedule that will give you the results you want. For example, GitHub Actions allows cron symtax for scheduled actions, but uses the UTC timezone. This means that your tasks may be running at unexpected times!

Limitations: This tool does not take month rollovers into account, so it may not give correct results if your original cron runs close to the edge of a month. This may also appear when using the month and day of week fields together.
Using 'L' to represent the last day of the month is not supported.

(subtract 7 hours 0 minutes)

Note: If you're converting TO UTC, the shift will be the inverse of your UTC offset.
For example, converting from UTC-7 to UTC will be a shift of plus 7.


  • 6 1,5,9,13 * * 1-5
  • 6 17,21 * * 0-4